Krka Hungary has been awarded in the Synergy Programme which was establised by Hungaropharma in order to improve the efficiency of supply of medicines to the Hungarian population.

The purpose of the Synergy Progamme is establishing a transparent system which dynamically follows the development of the pharmaceutical industry. Moreover the programme strengthens the cooperation between partners taking into account their feedbacks in order to create a more efficient workflow. Based on different criterias system, all suppliers were appraised by the most important indicators and the awards were given.

At the end of the first phase, in 2019, they evaluated all of their suppliers based on the most important metrics and distributed the awards. By 2020, based on the partners’ feedback, they have developed a system of indicators reflecting supplier aspects, and the yearly evaluation for 2020 will already be built from the matrix of the KPI system combining 2019 and 2020 aspects. Defining the 2020 aspects there were many suggestions coming from suppliers, for which they are really grateful, because it shows them that it is important to maintain and develop this program.

Among the submitted criteria, they selected the metrics for the year 2020, taking into account all influencing factors.

The criteria thus developed are as follows:

• Existence / Actuality of contracts

• Supply rate

• Use of Extranet website of HPH

• Rate of immobile stock

• Shortage rate compared to turnover

• Debt management à Fulfilment of promotional compensations

•Promotional cooperation à Number of participations in our special promotional program called

• Establishment of an interface connection

• Use of our service portfolio

Examined period of the year 2020: 2020.01- 2020.12

The  award is result of Hungaropharma and Krka  teams’ persistent, conscientious and precise work with purpose to supply  Hungarian patients with quality, safe and effective Krka’s pharmaceutical products regularly.